Upcoming Events


Monthly membership meetings take place the 1st Wednesday of the month between September and May. All meetings will start at 10:00am and take place at the Whistle Stop Thrift Shop unless otherwise noted.

September 4, 2019
November 6, 2019 (combined with Brunch in New Bern)
January 8, 2020
March 4, 2020
April 1, 2020 (nominations)
May 6, 2020 (elections)


Kick off Social: September 19, 2019 at Beer Army in New Bern at 6:00pm, $15 for the Burger Bar

Operation Ball Gown: September 28, 2019 at the Whistle Stop Thrift Shop from 9am – 12pm

Rockertoberfest: October 17, 2019 at MCAS Cherry Point near the Road House starting at 5pm

Brunch Social: November 6, 2019 at restaurant in New Bern

SMP Thanksgiving: November 28, 2019

OSC Christmas Ornament Exchange: December 8, 2019 at 2pm (members will receive an invitation)

SMP Christmas: December 25, 2019

Spouse Social / Mojito Monday: January 13, 2020 at restaurant in Morehead City at 6:30pm

Flight Suit / Cammie Formal: February 7, 2020 at Miller’s Landing at 6pm

Spouse Social / Music Trivia: March 11, 2020 in Newport at 7pm

Barn-N-Brew: April 24, 2020 at Miller’s Landing at 6:30pm

Joint Luncheon (May) at Camp Lejeune

Scholarship/Assistance Awards Banquet: May 20th at Miller’s Landing at 6pm

CPSC members receive invitations and full details for all events, including unique sub-club events. Join today!