18582482_1010620835741801_5146197865633430846_nHonorary President: Francine Glavy
Honorary Advisors: Jennifer Rahe, Sondra Ferry, and Nori Curtis

2017 – 2018 Elected Board

President: Katie Walker
Vice President: Andrea Ratcliffe
Treasurer: Courtney Stephenson
Secretary: Christina Albright

2017 – 2018 Appointed Officers

Assistance Coordinators: 2 Vacancies
Membership Coordinators: Jennifer Culver & Melissa Frantz
Parliamentarian: Vacant
Publications/Newsletter: Caroline Sheehan & Leeanne Grunke
Website Coordinator: Stephanie Veyran
Scholarship Coordinators:  Suzy Robinson + 1 Vacancy
Fundraising Coordinator: Desiree Biles
Social Events Coordinator: Nadia Matteson & Michelle Moll
Retired Officers’ Spouses Representative:  Donette Hancock
Treasures of the Point Manager: Sgt Maj. Holly Prafke (Ret.)
Constitution and By-Laws Standing Committee: Kim Smith, Katie Walker, Nori Curtis, Michelle Moll and Andrea Ratcliffe

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